Area's Premiere Craft Beer Shop

Inside The Beer Dispensary
The Shop is Now Under
New Ownership!

On March 1st, the shop will begin it's operation as the downtown Apex location for HighCraft Beer Market! Matt and his team are looking forward to continuing the journey.

Whether it will be able to be open March 1, or soon after, may depend on permitting and such. If so, please be patient and check HighCraft's social media outlets for info. Any changes to the shop should be subtle in the beginning, but, for starters, plans are to expand the bar to accommodate more craft beer drinkers. And even bigger and better things for the shop in the near future along with the plans the Town has for downtown.


Thank you for supporting this shop for over 10 years!

There's many reasons for the change...a tough decision, but a good one...that I'd be happy to tell you over a pint. It was a great ride because of you and a pleasure to have been your provider of finely crafted beer. There's still many of you today that were coming to the shop since it was on the side street for that short 2½ years and I've had the privilege to see (and be a part of) a lot of changes over the years...your dates, the marriages, saying hello to a new child, then another (and maybe another), kids that are now customers, saying goodbye to those moving away or who've moved on to the great brewery in the sky. I've enjoyed all the fascinating conversations (not necessarily about craft beer). I could go on and on...but I'll spare you and just say thanks and cheers for all the memories!

...and so, this is not goodbye, but see you the shop/breweries/etc.