2020 version


Rules of the Game

Players (on premise craft beer drinkers) must be between the ages of 21 and 121 to play.

  • Players (on premise craft beer drinkers) must be between the ages of 21 and 121 to play.

  • All gameplay must take place in a seat at a table (no exceptions).

  • Team members may pick their game pieces (beer) at the counter or from the cooler (small surcharge will accompany each game piece from the cooler and must be poured into a cup by the bartender). Complimentary game piece cardboard tokens (coasters) are provided and replaced after use.

  • Every player to your right (counter clockwise) must wear a mask if straying from the table during play. This includes trips to the bar to order another game piece (beer), restroom, perusing the shelves, etc.

  • Game pieces must remain at the table and cannot be played while walking around the shop.

  • All teams must be 6 (six) feet away from other teams in order for play to continue. Effort has been made to keep 6ft between players and those not in the shop to play (shoppers of finely crafted beer).

  • Teams may not swap players. You have to play with the gamers you came in with. A maximum of 6 (six) players per table. However, you are allowed to converse with other teams in a friendly manner. 

    • Extra points for talking about craft beer. 

    • Points subtracted for talking about politics and hard seltzers. 

  • Upon finishing your game (all players have run out game pieces in play) and in order to complete your gameplay, all players must deposit their empty game pieces into the recycle receptacles (this does not have proceed in any clockwise manner).

  • Any players not following these rules will lose their turn and can be asked to leave the game (nobody wants that) in accordance with the Game Master (NC Gov. Executive Order 141).

  • Coming Soon (maybe): Expansion Packs – Will allow for more teams/players, give greater abilities and less rules adding loads more fun to gameplay! (because right now it’s kinda meh).