Your Journey Provisions Are Here...

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This is a partial list of craft beer that's in stock or has been in stock and may return as a seasonal or limited release. Contact us with any questions about particular ones or about the universe of craft beer in general!


Oak & Dagger (Raleigh) - Crystal Dagger Kristallweizen can
Oak & Dagger - Festbier can
Oak & Dagger - When Life Gives You Hops can (Gluten Free)
Fullsteam - Fearrington Fall Seasonal Apple Rye 
Fullsteam - Carver Sweet Potato Lager 12oz can
Gizmo - #FakeNews New England IPA.
Granite Falls - Vicki the Elephant Peanut Butter Ale
Granite Falls - Boysenberry Sour Ale
Catawba - HOPness Monster IPA
Wicked Weed - Garcon de Ferme. limited.
Weeping Radish - Bitter Bee Pale Ale brewed with local Honey
Weeping Radish - Pink Lemonade Kolsch Shandy
Weyerbacher - Sunday Mole. limited.
Revision - IPA
Revision - Double IPA
Revision - What What IPA
Revision - Dr. Lupulin Triple IPA
Revision - Project Humulus Lupulus Series: Leafy Greens IPA. limited.

Deep River - Märzen 16oz Lederhosen cans
Bombshell - Pilsner can 
Double Barley - Thrilla in Vanilla Fight Series Round 7: Orange Dreamsicle. limited.
Haw River - Bourbon Barrel Aged St Benedict's Breakfast Dubbel. limited.
Catawba - HOPness Monster IPA can
Durty Bull - Tamarind Sour Saision
Gizmo - Renaissance Man. limited.
Trophy - Cloud Surfer IPA. limited. - sold out
Fullsteam - White Lily NEIPA. limited. - sold out
Knee Deep - NE Auburn Pale Ale 12oz bottles
Avery - Chai High dark ale with Chai Tea
Founders - Green Zebra Gose with Watermelon
Destihl - Synchopathic Apricot Sour Ale
McKeown Cidery - Crazy Cricket Dry-hopped Cider
McKeown Cidery - Bone Dry Ginger Cider
McKeown Cidery - Buckwheat Honey Cider

Four Saints (Ashboro) - Just An IPA 16oz can - sold out
Four Saints - Hefeweizen can
Four Saints - Genesis Belgian style Dubbel can
Oskar Blues - Hot Box Coffee Porter
Oskar Blues - Limited Release Artwork Dale's Pale Ale 16oz can
Saranac - Haus Lager 16oz 6pk cans
Deschutes - Black Butte Porter 12oz bottles
Deschutes - Fresh Squeezed IPA 12oz bottles
Deschutes - Variety you can try them all! plus Mirror Pond Pale ale
Deschutes - Double Black Butte Porter
Prairie - Vape Tricks
Upland (Bloomington IN) - Hopsynth Dry-hopped Sour Ale
Upland - Cherry Sour Ale
Victory - Homegrown Lager

Trophy - Slim's cans. limited.
Oak & Dagger (Raleigh) - Coole Beans Coffee Brown Ale cans
D9 - Defying Gravity Series: Escape Velocity - 14.2% ABV Sour brewed with Coffee Cherry (Cascara), Cinnamon and Ginger. limited.
Foothills - Craft Happiness IPA Project: Academic IPA w/ Lemondrop hops
Wicked Weed - Metatropics Brett Farmhouse Ale brewed with Tropical Fruits
Against the Grain - 35K Sweet Stout can
Evil Twin/Omnipollo - Lemonade IPA. limited.
Evil Twin - Imp Biscotti Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel Aged. - sold out
Kentucky Ales - Pumpkin Barrel Ale
Innis & Gunn Latitude + Longitude Series: 001 Raspberry Saison
Crafted Artisan Meadery - Bananas Foster
Crafted Artisan Meadery - Gose Project: Blueberry

Fullsteam - Rabbit Eye Rye IPA can - sold out
Skull Camp - Hoppy Hour Amber Ale can
Southern Pines - Dead Red can
Mother Earth - Oatmeal IPA can
Destihl - Blueberry Gose
DuClaw - Sour Me This. limited. - sold out
Weyerbacher - 22nd Anniversary. limited.
Oceanside - Oxymoron Black Pale Ale
Evil Twin - A is for Apricot Gose
Evil Twin - Sumo in a Sidecar Apricot IPA
Cigar City - Marshall Zhukov's Imperial Stout. limited.
Stillwater - Shoegaze 'Distorted Farmhouse New England Pale Ale' can

Southern Peak (Apex) - First cans of Puffing Devil IPA!
Double Barley - Thrilla In Vanilla Fight Series Round 6: Neapolitan
Wicked Weed - Brettabolic. limited.
Wicked Weed - Prevalence. limited.
Avery - Ginger Sour. limited.
Allagash - Uncommon Crow. - sold out
Ballast Point - Sea Rose can
Fort Collins - Imperial Red Kettle-soured Cherry Ale can
Red Hare - Bless Her Tart
Dogfish Head - Lupu-Luau IPA
Nebraska - Melange a Troi
Nebraska - Fuchsian. limited.
Nebraska - Ale Storm can



Ommegang - Bigger and Bretter. limited.
Uinta - Brett Tripel. limited.
New Belgium - Fat Tire Belgian White
Victory - Peach Belgian Golden Ale
Uinta - Lime Pilsner can
Rogue - Hot Tub Scholarship can
Flying Dog - Blender Series
Original Sin - Black Widow Cider with Blackberries - sold out
Schilling - Passport Pineapple Passionfruit Cider

CBC - Imperial IPA. limited. - sold out
Foothills - Craft Happiness Series: Clean IPA
Fullsteam - Farm's Edge Series: Alexis
Lonerider - Addie's Revenge
Wicked Weed - Bombadile - sold out
AleSmith - Speedway Stout cans
Unibroue - Ephemere Sureau (Elderberry)
Captain Lawrence - Pomme Sauvage Apple Sour. limited.

Four Saints - Kolsch cans
Four Saints - Warrior Monk BBA Belgian Stout 500ml bottle. limited.
Southern Pines - Moore IPA 16oz cans
Southern Pines - Texas Rig Imperial IPA
Bull City Cider Works - Orange You A Hippie bottles
Wicked Weed - Plainsdealer BBA American Sour ale fermented with Lemon Zest.
Wicked Weed - Khatta Masala Barrel-aged American Sour ale fermented with Mango and Spices.
Founders - Doom. limited.
Red Hare - SPF 50/50 cans
Bell's - Quinannan Falls IPL cans

Brüeprint - Red,White & Brüe Hefeweizen with Strawberries and Blüeberries.
Trophy - Yard of the Month Cream Ale can
Wicked Weed - Coolcumber Golden Ale with Cucumber, Basil & Juniper Berries.
Wicked Weed - Pacificmost Gose
Oskar Blues - Fugli - Yuzu & Ugli Fruit IPA
Destihl - Blueberry Gose - sold out
Destihl - Amra Mango IPA can
Ommegang - Brunetta
Ommegang - Fruition 



Stone - Ghost Hammer IPA can - sold out
Stone - Enjoy By 07.04.17 Unfiltered IPA. limited. - sold out
Stone/Brewdog collabaration - Brewed & bottle in Berlin, Super Bashah Black Belgian-style Double IPA.
Stone - Mocha IPA
DuClaw - Sweet Baby Java!
Heavy Seas - Tropi Cannon Citrus IPA can
Weyerbacher - Sexy Motherpucker
Einbecker - Ainpockisch 1378 Heller Bock
The Bruery - Share This...Orange Chocolate. limited.
The Bruery/Funky Buddha - Guava Libre! limited.

Double Barley - Thrilla in Vanilla Fight Series Round 5: Blackberry Cobbler
Haw River - Communal fermented on oak barrels with Brettanomyces.
Granite Falls (NC) - Tropical Falls Sour with Apricot & Mango
Granite Falls - Mustang Beach Lime Cilantro Golden Ale
Wicked Weed - Imperial Coolcumber Gin Barrel aged Golden Ale brewed with Cucumbers, Basil, Juniper Berry. limited. - sold out.
Red Hare (Marietta GA) - Gangway IPA can
Almanac - Farm To Barrel: Apricot de Brettaville
Blackberry Farm - Bottle-conditioned Quad. limited.
Blackberry Farm - Brett Belgo IPA aged in Red Wine Barrels. limited.



Breakside (Portland OR) - IPA
Breakside - Lunchbreak Session IPA
Cigar City - Invasion can
Coronado - Coastwise Session IPA
Otter Creek - Orange Dream Cream Ale with Orange Peel and Vanilla can
Flying Dog - Honey Paloma IPA
Glutenberg - Gluten Free IPA, Red, American Pale and Blonde Ales
New Holland - Incorrigible White Sour with Mango & Pineapple

Appalachian Mountain Brewery/Cidery (NC) - Mystic Dragon Cider with Green Tea, Rhubarb, Strawberries.
Appalachian Mountain - Sinful Plum Cider with Cinnamon and Plums.
Wolffer Estate (NY) - No 139 Dry Rose
Wolffer Estate - No 139 Dry White

Highland - Big Briar Tart Raspberry Ale
New Sarum Brewing Co (Salisbury NC) - Old Stone House IPA
Fullsteam - ADSR Coffee Helles Lager cans brewed with Counter Culture Ethiopian coffee.
Fullsteam - Fearrington Summer - India Tea Ale
New Sarum - Hurley Park - Blood Orange Wheat Ale
New Sarum - 142 Blonde Ale brewed with Grits
D9 - Swell Rider Tangerine Session IPA - 16oz cans
Wicked Weed - Black Angel - sold out
Wicked Weed - Hiver Sommeil
Flying Dog - Dead Rise "Old Bay" cans
Flying Dog - Mango Habanero
Oud Beersel - Framboise
DeProef/New Glarus collab - Abtsolution
Ommegang - GAME OF THRONES "Bend The Knee" Golden Ale 9%ABV - *three different labels! limited. - sold out
Cigar City - White Oak Jai Alai IPA - sold out
Cigar City - Guayabera Citra Pale Ale
Cigar City - Invasion Pale Ale
Aktien - Zwickl Kellerbier


Mother Earth - Weeping Willow Wit cans
Duck Rabbit - Doppelbock
The Unknown - Rye Felicia Open Fermented Brett IPA - sold out
Granite Falls - Knotty Gurl Blonde Ale
Terrapin - Lucille Black Strap Molasses Stout (inspired by The Walking Dead TV series)
Anderson Valley - Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel aged Salted Caramel
Anderson Valley - Bourbon Barrel aged G&T (Gin & Tonic) Gose
Left Hand - Nitro Braveheart Scottish Ale
Stiegl - Lemon Radler
Kentucky Ales - Peach Barrel Wheat Ale
Captain Lawrence - Barrel Select Black Sour Ale
Captain Lawrence - Effortless Grap efruit IPA
Parkway Brewing (Salem VA) - Get Bent Mountain IPA
Parkway Brewing - Majestic Mullet Krispy Kolsch
Parkway Brewing - Factory Girl Session IPA


Brüeprint - Brüevarian Hefeweizen cans
Four Saints - Bandwagon New England IPA cans - sold out
Four Saints - That's The Way It Gose
Haw River - Cotton Blossom (formerly Cotton Pickin') Farmhouse IPA
D9 - Wild Things Series Pearadox Sour Ale with Bosc Pears & Himalayan Pink Salt. limited.
Hi-Wire - Uprisin' Hefeweizen
Kentucky Ales - Bourbon Barrel Blackberry Porter - sold out
Clown Shoes - Tarheel Unidragon Russian Imperial Stout (with all NC Malts) Aged in Bourbon Barrels. limited.
Clown Shoes - Archdruid Red Ale aged in Irish Whiskey Barrels
Clown Shoes - Black Current Saison
Left Hand - Saison Au Meil 16oz cans


Blackwater Cider - Batch 4.5 1.5L "sacks"
Granite Falls (Granite Falls NC) - Appalachian Storytellers Series: Tailypo - Rum Barrel Aged 14.9% ABV Belgian-style Quadrupel. limited. 
Deep River - Watermelon Lager
Green Man - Rainmaker DIPA - sold out
Wicked Weed - Fille de Ferme. limited. - sold out
Terrapin - T-Time Berliner Weisse brewed with Maya Tea and Lemon
Kentucky Ales - Bourbon Barrel Stout brewed with Haitian Coffee
Great Lakes - Hop Madness Double IPA. limited.
Elysian - Super Fuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale
New Belgium - Watermelon Lime Ale - sold out
Harpoon - Camp Wannamango Pale Ale with Mango - sold out
Harpoon - Huckleberry UFO Hefeweizen - sold out
Weyerbacher - Finally Legal Imperial Stout brewed with Cocoa & Vanilla aged in Bourbon Barrels. limited.


Appalachian Mountain Brewery - Panic Water Hoppy Pilsner cans
Haw River Farmhouse Ales - High Country Cocktail Series: Sazerac. - sold out
Deep River - Doppelganger Doppelbock brewed with Adirondack Maple Syrup cans brewed for their 4th Anniversary.
Deep River - Carpetbagger IPA
Wicked Weed - Arcanic Foeder-aged Belgian-style ale brewed with Plums, Currants and Belgian Candy Sugar, 12.1% ABV.
Clown Shoes - Black Currant Saison semi-tart Saison brewed with acidified malt and Black Currant puree. limited.
Ballast Point - Unfiltered Sculpin Extra Hopped IPA - sold out
Southern Tier - Thick Mint Blackwater Series Imperial Stout with Chocolate and Mint.
Ipswich - Celia Gluten-Free Saison


Mother Earth - Tripel Overhead aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels
Wicked Weed - Devilwood (the Bedeviled Golden Ale aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels)
Duvel - Triple Hop (Saaz hops, Styrian Golding hops and Experimental Hop HBC 291)
Left HAnd - Travelin' Light Kolsch
Stone/Maine Brewing Co - DaySlayer India Pale Lager 7.5% ABV. limited.
Foothills - Bourbon Barrel Aged People's Porter - sold out
Cascade - Kentucky Peach blend of Wheat Ale and Quadrupel Ale aged in Bourbon ans Wine Barrels. 9.7% ABV. very limited.
Almanac - Passion Project - Dry-hopped Farmhouse ale Oak Barrelswith Cedar Spirals, Passionfruit and Spices. limited.
Cigar City - Maduro Brown Ale can
Ommegang - Pale Sour Ale
Lagunitas - The Waldos' Special Ale. limited. - sold out
TRVE/Burial - Slow Death. limited.


Trophy - Trophy Wife cans
Fullsteam - Farm's Edge Series Moccasin Creek - Muscadine Wild Saison
Foothills - Craft Happiness IPA Project: #3 Terrain IPA -sold out
Wicked Weed - Rubus Viola Barrel-aged Sour ale fermented with Boysenberries ans Violet Flowers.
Flying Dog - Salt and Pepper Tripel
Boulevard - Scotch on Scotch - sold out
Great Lakes - Grandes Lagos - Mexican Style Lager - sold out
Cigar City - Jai Alai IPA cans
Terrapin - Single Origin Coffee. Limited.


Fortnight - Redstormer Red Ale (brewed for Red Storm Ent. 20th Anniversary)
Brüeprint - Brüe Diamond IPA now as year-round.
Double Barley - Fight Series Round 3 Thrilla in Vanilla with Full Bloom Cold-brewed Coffee. limited. - sold out
Four Saints (Asheboro) - Exile On Worth Street Brett IPA 500ml bottles. limited.
Fullsteam - Lucky Straw cans
Oskar Blues - HotBox cans. limited.
Noble Ciders (Asheville) - Blue Bard Blueberry Cider
Great Divide - Espresso Oak Aged Yeti
Dogfish Head - SeaQuench Ale cans
GoldStar (Isreal) - Dark Lager


Gibb's Hundred (Greensboro) - The Guilty Party ESB, GABF Gold Medal winner cans!
Granite Falls (NC) - Hoppalachia IPA cans
Granite Falls - Blueberry Falls Blueberry sour cans - sold out
The Unknown - Scratch N Sniff IPA
Mother Earth - Windowpane Series: Chocolate - Imperial Chocolate Porter aged in Oak Whiskey Barrels.
Southern Pines - Suit & Thai can (Man of Law IPA with Thai Chilies, Sweet Coconut) - sold out
Southern Pines - Box-o-Barleywine with Honey fermented with Riesling wine yeast and finished on French Oak.
Destihl - Deadhead Imperial Red IPA
Stone - Enjoy By 04.20.17. limited. - sold out
Clown Shoes - Clemetine Witbier cans
Heretic - Evil3 Triple IPA
The Lost Abbey - Serpent's Stout
The Lost Abbey - Track #8
Weyerbacher - Cinnsanity
Coronado - Guava Islander IPA


Durty Bull (Durham) - Lager cans
Mother Earth - Berliner Weisse cans
Highland - Daycation IPA
Lonerider - Sundance Grapefruit Saison cans
Alpine Beer Co - Windows Up IPA
Ommegang - Short Sleeve Saison
Stone - Tangerine Express IPA
Stone - Give Me IPA or Give Me Death - sold out
Rogue - Honey Kolsch
Kentucky Ales - Bourbon Barrel Ale 

Kentucky Ales - Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale


Fullsteam - Humidity Pale Ale cans
Fullsteam - Fearrington Spring Seasonal Dry Hopped Rye Saison
D9 (Cornelius NC) - Defying Gravity Series: Cape Canaveral Strong Sour, 14%ABV
Deep River - Limoncello Tart ale brewed with Lemons - sold out
Nickelpoint - Belgian Golden
Wicked Weed - Lt Dank IPA cans
Gizmo - Hoppy Grounds
Gizmo - Earthquaker Oatmeal IPA
Bell's - Oatsmoblie
21st Amendment - Blood Orange Brew Free or Die IPA
The Bruery - White Chocolate. - sold out


Double Barley - Fat Charley's Raspberry Chocolate Stout
Double Barley - Thrilla in Vanilla Fight Series Round 2: Queen Ann Cherry with Cocoa Nibs. - sold out
Hi-Wire (Asheville) - Collaboration with Holy City, NoLa and Hardywood Park breweries 12pk. limited.
Granite Falls (Granite Falls NC) - Castle Stormer Scottish Ale
Granite Falls - Elemental Drifts Peach Lambic
Granite Falls - Three Paw Chocolate Hazelnut Porter - sold out
Granite Falls - Southern Revival Imperial Stout
Green Man - Rambler dry-hopped Pale Ale
Catawba - Peanut Butter Jelly Time 16oz cans - sold out
Raleigh - The First Squeeze American Wheat Ale with Blood Orange peels
Wicked Weed - Napoleon Complex Pale Ale cans
Troegs - First Cut Mango IPA cans - sold out



Chimay - 2012 Vintage Grande Reserve
Epic - Son of a Baptist brewed with Dynamite Roasting Co (Black Mountain NC) coffee. limited. - sold out
New Belgium - 2017 La Folie Sour Brown Ale
Terrapin - Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA cans - sold out
Anderson Valley - Eetah! IPA
Dogfish Head - Beer to Drink Music To '17
Allagash - St Klippenstein. limited. - sold out
Left Hand - Well Played Red IPA cans
Stone - Collaboration with Marble and Odell breweries - Megawheat Double IPA. limited.


Four Saints (Asheboro) - Impending Grace Imperial Stout with NC honey 500ml bottles. limited. - sold out
Four Saints - Bourbon Barrel Aged Impending Grace 750ml bottles. limited. - sold out
Double Barley - Steakcake Stout 4pks
Double Barley - Thrilla in Vanilla Porter 4pks
Brueprint - Midnight Brue with Brettanomyces aged on Oak and Blackberries
Triple C (Charlotte) - Mint Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout brewed with cacao nibs - sold out
Deep River - Bitter Unicorn Tears IPL 16oz can - sold out
Hoppin' Frog - Tower Tuesday Series 'Infusion A' Coffee Porter
Rogue - 6 Hop cans - sold out
Bell's - Consecrator



Bombshell (Holly Springs) - Citra Pale cans
Mystery (Hillsborough) - The Golden Hind cans - sold out
White Street - Emmalynn Blonde Ale
Innis & Gunn - Irish Whiskey Aged Ale
Almanac - Pluot Farm to Barrel Series
AleSmith - My Bloody Valentine
Ballast Point - Cinnamon Raisin Commodore
Ballast Point - Manta Ray - sold out
Ballast Point - Red Velvet
Dogfish Head - Flesh & Blood IPA cans
Dogfish Head - 60 min IPA cans
Great Divide - Tank Farm Series Hop Disciples IPA w/ Idaho 7 hops. - sold out
Allagash - Hoppy Table Beer



3rd Rock Brewing (Trenton, NC) - The Rock IPA
3rd Rock - Photon Mosaic Ale
3rd Rock - Singularity Blonde Ale
Brueprint - 2016 BBA Midnight Brue - sold out
Double Barley - Fight Series Round 1 - Carolina Bourbon Barrel Aged Thrilla in Vanilla - sold out
Hi-Wire (Asheville) - Low Pitch IPA
Heavy Seas - Siren Noire
Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid 6pks - sold out
Rogue - Double Brown Throwdown
Ballast Point - Peppermint Victory at Sea
Ballast Point - Coconut Victory at Sea
Unibroue - A Tout Le Monde collaboration with Megadeth
Belhaven - Black Nitro can



Southern Pines - Ba Dunkel Dunk Dark Bavarian Weissbier - sold out
Oskar Blues - Death By Coconut Porter - sold out
Old Hickory - Event Horizon - sold out
Founders - Harvest Ale - sold out
Great Divide - Fresh Hop - sold out
Great Divide - Barrel Aged Old Ruffian
Otter Creek - Free Flow IPA
Rogue/VooDoo Donut - Grape Guerrilla
Weyerbacher - Mellow Monks
Weyerbacher - Easton Brown & Down Brown Ale
Bell's - Java Stout
Red Brick - Divine Bovine Chai Spice Milk Stout - sold out
Stone - Double Bastard 22oz and 3L bottles
Destihl - Wild Sour Series Plum Sour Stout - sold out
Sonoma Cider - Anvil Bourbon Cider
Sonoma Cider - The Crowbar Habanero Lime Cider - sold out


Bombshell - Dirty Secret Coconut Stout cans - sold out
Champion - Megalodon Imperial Coffee Porter can - sold out
Destihl - Metallurgy Sour Series Sour Ale with Pear. limited.
The Bruery - Autumn Maple
The Bruery - Mash & Vanilla - sold out
The Bruery - Melange #14 - sold out
Bruery Terreux- Sour in the Rye
Bruery Terreux - Quadrupel Tonnellerie
New Holland - Dragon's Milk Reserve Vanilla Chai. limited. - sold out
Epic - Big Bad Baptist


Fullsteam - Farm's Edge: Little Mountain Gose
Hi Wire - Strong Man Coffee Milk Stout - sold out
Harpoon - Flannel Friday Amber Ale - sold out
Val-Dieu - Cuvee 800 Year Anniversary. limited.
Anchor - Dry-Hopped - sold out
Rogue - Rolling Thunder. limited. - sold out
Stone - Coffee Milk Stout, brewed in Richmond VA


Southern Pines - Vitamin Sea Australian Sparkling Ale - sold out
Lonerider - Saloon Style Pilsner can
Catawba - REDiculous IPA can - sold out
Brueprint - Zambrueni Lager can
Aviator - 3 Bones Kolsch 16oz can - sold out
Highland - Gaelic Ale can
Wicked Weed - BA Xibalba. limited. - sold out
Wicked Weed - Omnipresence - sold out

BOM - Triponteur Wild & Funky with  Apples and Pears (Belgium)
Avery - El Gose with Lime
Avery - The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfestbier
Bell's - Roundhouse India Red Ale brewed with Honey
Bell's - Double Cream Stout - sold out
Cascade - Pumpkin Smash aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels - sold out
Stone - Enjoy By 10.31.16 IPA with Tangerine - sold out
Oskar Blues - Ten Fidy Imperial Stout
Innis & Gunn - Hopped Bourbon Cask Aged Ale - sold out


Brueprint - Bruetopian Series Edinbrue aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels
Bull City Ciderworks - Off Main 12oz bottles
Big Boss - Autumn Ale - Collaboration with Chatham County Line - sold out
Deep River - Limetown Lager - Cottontown Lager brewed with real limes
Haw River - Seven Faces of Pepe Grano - 7 grain Saison with 7 Peppercorns
Haw River - Rusted Plow
Fullsteam - Fearrington Apple Extra Special Bitter
Fullsteam - (Return to) Lemuria Imperial Stout brewed with Vanilla Beans and Cocoa Nibs - sold out

Wicked Weed - Benevolence Barrel-aged sour brewed with aged hops - sold out
Wicked Weed - Pacificmost Mango & Guava Gose - sold out
Terrapin - So Fresh & So Green, Green Fresh Hop IPA with Styrian Golding hops - sold out
Uinta - Flamingose Pineapple Gose - sold out



Trooper - Red 'N' Black Porter (Not just for Iron Maiden fans!) - sold out
Founders - PC Pils 12oz can - sold out
Otter Creek - 25th Anniversary Double IPL - sold out
Elysian - Space Dust IPA - sold out
Stone - Oakmeal - sold out
Stone - 20th Anniversary IPA Collection 4pk - sold out
Almanac - Mandarina cans
Almanac - Pilsner cans
Weyerbacher - Sunday Mole Stout - sold out
Rivertowne - FANdemonium Lager can - sold out

Olde Hickory - Lindley Park - sold out
Oskar Blues - Passion Fruit Pinner - sold out
Oskar Blues - Priscilla White Wit Wheat - sold out
New Belgium - 2016 Le Terrior - sold out
Schilling - Trouble in Paradise Pineapple Passion Fruit Cider - sold out
B. Nektar - The Mutant Killer Zombie Manhattan Project Thingy - Apple Mead with Cherry Flavor aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels



Wicked Weed - Coolcumber 4pk - sold out
Wicked Weed - Calimost Grapefruit & Honey Gose 4pk - sold out
Wicked Weed - Barrel-aged Lunatic - sold out
Almanac Beer Co (San Franscisco CA) - Saison de Brettaville aged in White Wine Barrels - sold out
Almanac Beer Co - Dogpatch Sour brewed with Cherries and aged in Wine Barrels - sold out
Destihl - Clarice Grand Cru Cognac Foudre-Aged Belgian Strong Dark
Stone - 2016 W00tStout - sold out
Allagash - James Bean aged in Bourbon Barrels with cold brewed Ethiopian Coffee - sold out
Knee Deep - Big Sipper Imperial IPA

Lynnwood Brewing Concern - Helluva Hef Hefeweizen can - sold out
D9 - Viking Fraoch sour with Heather flower
Highland - Mandarina (hop) IPA can
Highland - Early's Hoppy Wheat - sold out
Olde Hickory - Wavell Gunn Scotch ale aged in Fine Highland Scotch barrels. limited.
Wicked Weed - Bombadile sour with Strawberries - sold out
Terrapin - Free Spirit Dry-hopped Tart Farmhouse ale - sold out
Southbound - Transilience German style sour wheat can - sold out
Du Claw - Sour Me This Dry-hopped Sour - sold out
Smuttynose - Blueberry Short Weisse can - sold out
Great Divide - 22nd Anniversary Dark Sour
Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout cans
Left Hand - Wake Up Dead Russian Imp Stout Nitro 4pk - sold out
Left Hand - Wake Up Dead 22oz - bottled 6/3/2016, best before 6/3/2021 - sold out
Cascade - The Vine sour aged in oak barrels with grapes - very limited.
Cascade - Noyaux sour aged in oak barrels with Raspberry and Apricot noyaux - very limited.
Cascade - Manhattan sour aged in Bourbon barrels with Cherries and Spices - very limited.
Victory - Blackboard Series Berliner Weisse with Elderflower - sold out

Bruery Terreux - Saixon - limited. - sold out
Bruery Terreux - Beret
The Bruery - Share This - very limited. - sold out
Champion - Fruitless Double IPA - sold out
Champion - Melee Session IPA
Prairie - Americana Dry-hopped Brettanomyces conditioned Farmhouse Ale
Lost Abbey - Lost & Found
Lost Abbey - Avant Garde
AleSmith - .394 San Diego Pale Ale - sold out
Arrogant Brewing Co (Stone) - Wussie (Arrogant Pilsner) 16oz can - sold out


Southern Pines - Texas Rig Imperial IPA. limited. - sold out
Haw River Farmhouse Ales - Sun Hands Belgian Summer Strong Golden Ale
Catawba - King Coconut Porter cans - sold out
Wicked Weed - Old Fashioned
Wicked Weed/Lost Abbey - Ad Idem. very limited. - sold out
Stone - Enjoy By 07.04.16 Double IPA - sold out

Stone - Enjoy By 07.25.16 Tangerine Double IPA - sold out
Devils Backbone - Adventure Pack 12pk Special Release - sold out
DuClaw - Hop Continuum No. 4 Triple IPA - sold out
Saranac - Cold Brew Coffee Lager can - sold out
Southern Tier - Imperial Cherry Gose - sold out
Troegs - Nimble Giant Double IPA - sold out
Moylan's - Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale cans
Schilling - Grumpy Bear Nitro Coffee Cider (Seriously....and really good!)

Nickelpoint - Blonde Ale can
Appalachian Mountain - Baba Budan Coffee IPA - sold out
Great Lakes - Lake Erie Monster - sold out
New Belgium - Tart Lychee
Anderson Valley - GT (Gin & Tonic) Gose


The Unknown - Hospitali-Tea - sold out
Lynnwood - Raspberry Wheat can - sold out
Rogue - Honey Kolsch - sold out
Stone - Enjoy By 07.04.16 IPA - sold out
Founders - Devil Dancer Triple IPA - sold out
Founders - Redankulous Imperial Red IPA 4pk - sold out
Destihl - Hop Overload Double IPA - sold out
Hoppin' Frog - Re-Pete Imperial India Brown Ale
Hoppin' Frog - Hop Dam Triple IPA - sold out


CBC - Hop Roar Double IPA 16oz cans - sold out
Fortnight - 95X Double IPA

Southern Pines - Edge of Town Pale Ale - sold out
Southern Pines - Malty By Nature Scottish Ale
Southern Pines - Off She Gose - sold out
Green Man - Rainmaker Imp IPA 4pk
Wicked Weed - Garcon de Ferme - sold out
Bell's - Hopsoulution Double IPA - sold out
Quest - Elegast Flanders-style Red Sour Ale - sold out
AleSmith - Double IPA - sold out
AleSmith - Old Stock
DESTIHL Brewery (Bloomington IN) - Vertex IPA can - sold out
DESTIHL - Weissenheimer Hefeweizen can - sold out
DESTIHL - Here Gose Nothin' Leipzig-style Gose can
DESTIHL - Wild Sour Series Flanders Red can - sold out
DESTIHL - Abbey's Single Belgian-style Ale can - sold out
DESTIHL - Counter Clockweisse Berliner Weisse can - sold out
Viven - Blond
Viven - Imperial IPA


Bombshell (Holly Springs NC) - Head Over Hops IPA cans
Bombshell - Strawberries & Cream Summer Ale cans
Haw River - Communal - sold out
Highland - Pilsner can - sold out
Wicked Weed - Marina Batch #2 - sold out
Flying Dog - Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale - sold out
Flying Dog - Numero Uno Agave Cerveca Lager - sold out
Allagash - Little Brett - sold out
Dogfish Head - Beer To Drink Music To - sold out
B. Nektar - Zombies Take Manhattan
Left Hand - Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter - sold out
Prairie Artisan Ales - Birthday Bomb! with Caramel - sold out


Gizmo (Raleigh) - Queen Bee - sold out
Big Boss - Horsefly oak bbl aged ale - sold out
Big Boss - Barrel aged Monkey Bizz-ness - sold out

Wicked Weed - Recurrent - sold out
Fullsteam - Rocket Science cans
Fullsteam - Paycheck Pilsner cans
Ecliptic - Zenith Grapefruit Gose
Ballast Point - Indra Kunindra


Southern Pines - Blanche de Pines cans
Wicked Weed - Ferme de Grand-Pere - sold out
Dogfish Head - White Squall IPA - sold out
B. Nektar - Tuco Style Freak Out
B. Nektar - Stupid Man's Suit
Thirsty Dog - Barrel Aged Maple Porter
Boulevard - Love Child #7
Sap House Meadery - Traditional Mead
Sap House Meadery - Sugar Maple Mead
Sap House Meadery - Blueberry Maple Mead
Sap House Meadery - Vanilla Mead
Allagash - 16 Counties - sold out

Terrapin - 14th Anniv Tart Belgian Red - sold out
Goodwood (Louisville KY) - Bourbon Barrel Ale - sold out
Goodwood - Brandy Barrel Honey Ale - sold out
Goodwood - Bourbon Barrel Stout - sold out
Devils Backbone - Trail Angel Weiss cans - sold out
Devils Backbone - Cattywompus - sold out
Founders - Sumatra Mountain Brown
Fullsteam - Fearrington India Tea


Duclaw - Morgasm - sold out
Duclaw - Blood Orange Neon Gypsy - sold out
DuClaw - Funk - sold out
Natty Greene's - Smoked Peach IPA - sold out
Lagunitas - Equinox - sold out
Epic - Elder Brett


Brueprint - Barrel Aged Edinbrue
Gizmo (Raleigh) - Dynamis Imperial IPA - sold out
Gizmo - Barrel Aged Wasp - sold out
Double Barley - Give 'Em Hell
Wicked Weed - Myrtille - sold out
Ommegang - Shadow Brewer Imp Stout
Crown Valley - Bucking Bronco Barleywine Ale - sold out
Crown Valley - Brewers Cask Imperial Stout - sold out


Deep River (Clayton NC) - Carpetbagger Imperial IPA
Deep River - 3rd Anniversary Mixed 4pk - sold out
Hi-Wire - Man Eater Double IPA

Bombshell Beer Co (Holly Springs NC) - Hop Tease 12oz can
Bombshell - Spell Caster Black Ale 12oz can
Bombshell - Starlight Ale 12oz can
Lynnwood Brewing Concern (Raleigh) - Hop on Top IPA 16oz can
Lynnwood - Mosaic Pale Ale 12ozcan - sold out
Lynnwood - Czech Yourself 16oz can
Founders - Rubaeus 12oz can
Flying Dog - The Truth - sold out
Flying Dog - Single Hop Ella - sold out
Flying Dog - Mint Julep - Sold Out
Lagunitas - OneHitter Series The Waldo's Special Ale. Ltd amount - sold out


Victory - Kirsch Gose
Ommegang - Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms - sold out
Hoppin' Frog - BORIS Reserve. Ltd amount. - sold out
Raleigh Brewing - The First Squeeze can

Founders - Mango Magnifico - sold out
21st Amendment - Monks Blood - SOLD OUT
Lynnwood Brewing Concern - Hubris Imperial IPA, Ltd No. of bottles - SOLD OUT
North Coast - Grand Cru
North Coast - 2013 Old Stock Ale BBA Cellar Reserve, Ltd No. of bottles



Haw River Farmhouse - Cotton Blossom Farmhouse Imp IPA
Haw River Farmhouse - Beneath the Feet of Orion
Haw River Farmhouse - Mille Fleur Rustic Saison
Wicked Weed - Parking Lot - SOLD OUT
Wicked Weed - Napoleon Complex 6pk can
Wicked Weed - Bedeviled - sold out
Wicked Weed - Lunatic Blonde 6pk cans
Triple C - The Force - sold out
Catawba - White Zombie Wit
Catawba - Farmer Ted's Cream Ale
Catawba - Mother Trucker Pale - sold out

Flying Dog - Brewhouse Rarities Cold Press Coffee Porter - SOLD OUT
Boulevard - Imperial Stout X Coconut
Schilling Cider - King's Shilling - sold out
Redstone Meadery - Traditional Mountain Mead
Redstone - Passion Fruit Nectar
Fort Collins - American Barleywine



Fullsteam - RabbitEye Rye - sold out
Southern Pines - Drunken Vigils SOLD OUT
Alpine - Mandarin Nectar - sold out
Boulevard - Imperial Stout X Tart Cherry
Boulevard - Chocolate Ale w/ Raspberries
Devils Backbone - Skull Crushing Ape Schwarz-Weizen Doppelbock - sold out
The Bruery - So Happens It's Tuesday
The Bruery/Maine Beer Co collaboration - Fourthmeal - sold out
Bruery Terreux - Batch #1731 - sold out
Hoppin' Frog - Cafe BORIS
North Coast - Steller IPA - sold out
Appalachian Mountain (Boone NC) - Long Leaf IPA
Appalachian Mountain - Boone Creek Blonde - sold out
Appalachian Mountain - Spoaty-Oaty American Pale - sold out



Wicked Weed - Bourbon Barrel Aged El Paraiso

Double Barley - Fat Charley's Rasp Choc Stout
D9 - Systema Naturae
Nickelpoint (Raleigh) - IPA cans
Nickelpoint - Vienna Lager cans
Southbound - Rocking Chair Imp Pecan Brown - sold out
Flying Dog - Double Dog Dbl IPA bottles - sold out
Flying Dog - Horn Dog Barleywine - sold out
Flying Dog - HBC-291 - sold out
Flying Dog - Tropical Stout - sold out
Flying Dog - Tropical [Female Dog]
Coronado - Bourbon Barrel Aged Stupid Stout - sold out
Lagunitas - CitruSinensis - sold out
Ballast Point - Watermelon Dorado - sold out
Ballast Point - Mango Even Keel - SOLD OUT
Ballast Point - Pineapple Sculpin
Green Flash - Passion Fruit Kicker - SOLD OUT
Dark Horse - Rain in Blood Orange Pale Ale - sold out

Big Boss - War Hawk - sold out
Wicked Weed - Black Angel - SOLD OUT
Hi-Wire - Hop Circus Passion Fruit IPA - sold out
Uinta - Biere de Mars
Uinta - Farmside Saison - sold out
Uinta - Port o' Call Belgian Dark aged in Port Wine Barrel
Dogfish Head - Oak Aged Noble Rot
Anchor - Barrel aged ale - sold out
Stone - Old Guardian Barleywine with Pekko Hops - sold out
Champion - Fruit Basket IPA - SOLD OUT
Schilling - Lumberjack Rhubarb Cider - SOLD OUT
Ecliptic - Oort Imperial Stout
New Belgium - 2016 La Folie
New Belgium - 2016 Transatlantic Kriek
Troegs - Nugget Nectar 6pk cans - SOLD OUT
Epic - Lil' Brainless Raspberry cans - sold out

Devils Backbone - Cran-Gose cans - SOLD OUT

Shmaltz/Star Trek - Vulcan Ale: The Genesis Effect - SOLD OUT
Shmaltz He'Brew - MANNAge 'a Trois Variety pk - SOLD OUT
Southbound - Moonlight Drive American Imp Coffee Stout - sold out
DuClaw - Hell on Wood - SOLD OUT
DuClaw - Quick Start My Heart Strawberry Milk Stout SOLD OUT



Wicked Weed - Oaxacan - limited amount - SOLD OUT
Westbrook (Charleston SC) - 5th Anniv. Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout - SOLD OUT
Stone - Pataskala Red X IPA - sold out
Hi-Wire - Enchanter Baltic Porter - sold out
Duck Rabbit - Barleywine
Green Man - The Dweller Imp Stout - SOLD OUT
Lindemans/Mikkeller - SpontanBasil Lambic
Green Flash - Cosmic Ristretto - sold out

Wicked Weed - Iron Lady Imp Black IPA - SOLD OUT
CBC - Imperial Stout - SOLD OUT
Quest - Imperial Smoking Mirror - sold out
DuClaw - Naked Fish - SOLD OUT
Rogue Farms - 4 Hop - sold out
Rogue Farms - 6 Hop - SOLD OUT
Rogue Farms - 7 Hop - SOLD OUT
Rogue Farms - 8 Hop - SOLD OUT
Weyerbacher - #2 Double IPA Series with Waimea, Wai-iti and Galaxy Hops - sold out
Fuller's - Vintage 2012, 2014, 2015
Anderson Valley - Hobneelch'n Hoppy Wheat Ale
Crabbie's Raspberry Ginger Beer



Carolina Brewing Co - Dark Crystal Black IPA - sold out
New Belgium - Glutiny Gluten-Free
Crooked Line - Stompin' Grounds Coffee Stout - SOLD OUT
Devils Backbone - Danzig Baltic Porter
Boulevard - Early Riser Coffee Porter - sold out
Driftwood - Fat Tug IPA - sold out
Victory - Agave IPA - SOLD OUT
Coronado - Stingray IPA - sold out
Olde Hickory - Cubano Walker - sold out

Haw River (Saxapahaw NC) - St Benedict's Breakfast Dubbel bottles
Haw River - Newlin's Original Belgian Oatmeal Pale Ale
Highland (Asheville) - IPA
Stone Stochasticity Project - Grainiac - SOLD OUT
Allagash - James & Julie - SOLD OUT
Ommegang - Soothsayer - SOLD OUT
Ommegang - Lovely, Dark & Deep Oatmeal Stout - sold out
Ecliptic - Phobos single Hop Red Ale
Ecliptic - Orange Giant Barleywine
Ecliptic - Barrel-aged Rastaban Oud Bruin
Moonlight Mead - Red Dress Red Currant
Moonlight Mead - Kamasumatra w/Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Sumatra coffee
Moonlight Mead - Fling Strawberry Rhubard
B. Nektar - The Dude's Rug Cider w/Tea and Chai spices
Terrapin - Side Project vol 26 Poivre Potion - SOLD OUT
DuClaw - For Pete's Sake Imperial Sweet Baby Jesus - sold out
Lagunitas - OneHitter Series Bitter Oats
Sierra Nevada - Otra Vez Gose w/cactus and grapefruit



Founders - Azacca IPA

Founders - Imperial Stout
Southern Tier - Creme Brulee
Southern Tier - 2Xpresso - sold out
Gizmo - Black Hop Down - sold out
Lynnwood - Hop on Top
Lynnwood - Deez Coconutz - sold out
B. Nektar - Zombie Killer
B. Nektar - Black Fang
Olde Hickory - Event Horizon 2015, 2016
DuClaw - Dirty Little Freak
AleSmith - My Bloody Valentine
Raleigh - The Miller's Toll cans - sold out
Raleigh - BBA The Miller's Toll - sold out
Parallel 49 - Salty Scot Salted Caramel Scotch Ale
D9 - Ezekial Sour Ale